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I must confess that the first time I practiced virtual sex xxx porn chat I felt an uncontrollable shame. For a moment I thought about changing my mind and accepting that I was not capable. But I'm in my early twenties, it's not my age to be so modest, so I adapted my iPad - which has no basis for support - in the middle of the books on my night table. The Great Gatsby and the wonderful short life of Oscar Wao, would provide good companions for my first time. I lit the little lamp and became.

I literally became. I do not know which of all the spirits of porn actresses I've seen got into me, but surely it was one of the experienced ones. The novices who moan when they touch their hair, I was one of the greats, from whom modesty with the first obscenity loses seriously.

This was a date that we had postponed and poisoned. That is, months ago I had been out of the country and had promised him a night of Skype sex. I could not fulfill it because broadband, or I should say close, of the country that housed me would not allow it, but yes, I sent some photos that still remember and that served as consolation during my absence.

There I think I started to free myself of modesty, when I put my cell phone in the shower and photographed myself in an erotic, literal way, without consents, without taboos and without underwear. I think it's the perfect time to reveal the first golden rule for having virtual sex. If you do not trust your interlocutor, do not do it or joke. Of course, many women can refute: "One thing is men when they are in love and another when they end, who knows what he can do when we are no longer anything," but do not tell lies, you know who you are. empelota on the cell phone, the one night stand does not serve to receive photos or videos. eye!

After the first phase, list and having made use of photography as an ally of my virtual dust, we started. And the questions came to my head. Do I put the camera to my face? Towards my tits? Do I take them? Better under the camera and I show you explicitly what you want to see? Open plane? Zoom? Very first close-up? Too many questions to solve at that precise moment.

Nothing. I left her still and started to touch me. Slowly, while I told him what I was doing and what I wanted to be doing (alluding to his body that I needed so much). My interlocutor on the other side, and on the other side of the world, did not have good light, so what motivated me was his voice and all the dirty things he told me, delicious, wild. Then the race started for the best entertainer of the night.

Rule number two: virtual sex needs, inevitably, a good cheerleader, a person who is willing to encourage the other to the end. It is essential, because if the bodies are not present, the words should unleash everything that could trigger a caress, a kiss, the breath of the other.

"You have to make use of communication, moan, say words or short phrases like 'I wish you, I love listening to you, I want you to think about me ...' think that only you and your partner are there, tell them more than you normally say, if it will not be harder to practice, "says sexologist Antonia González.

The expert also recommends having some kind of help, in the case of women "have a lubricant or a vibrator at hand because this can contribute to achieving the climax and the man feels pleasure to see this situation in his partner."

Arriving at the final stage of my sexual marathon, the camera of my iPad went crazy. I did not care about anything. I did not think if I was getting close to the camera, if I was seeing everything, if the neighbors were noticing my scene; the orgasm surprised me in a delicious sequence shot from which I could witness my boyfriend. Then came his moment, for which I never ceased to encourage him, and in the end two happy faces communicating by the eye of a camera and the promise to do it again.

At the end a smile, the satisfaction of having fulfilled (duty that I assigned myself) and a reflection: "you will never know if you like it or not until you do not dare". So, REC and a lot of pulse!

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You should not focus the virtual sex on only one area of the body, you have to go over the face, the erogenous zones, give another a complete image.

It is not recommended to do this type of games with unknown people who can record it or spread images or video.

A virtual appointment can start with a set of erotic messages in which you express how much you want and your desire to innovate.

When undressing use erotic elements such as background music, dim light, some liquor, anything that can visually stimulate your partner.

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This is a very good story which I lived with my best friend, goodbye to my virginity. For personal reasons I prefer not to put my full name, but I will tell them my name is Claudia.

This happened on a December day here in my house, I was alone, since the rest of my family had gone to their corresponding jobs and I was on vacation, it was about 4 in the afternoon and I had nothing to do like that I took the phone and dialed a friend (Andrés), he was one of my best friends from high school and I wanted to say hello, I called and he answered me with his classic phrase: hello dear girl, and we started talking about how we were doing currently…

So we spent an hour talking and he asked me: Is not the call going to be expensive? to which I answered yes, so he suggested to visit me and we would talk better, he stopped arriving at 5:30 at my house, but as my parents would arrive until night I turned on the television while I waited for Andy, and Suddenly a strange thought came to my mind, on television there was a channel for those adults and although I had never wanted to see it this time I wondered what would happen on this channel.

As you can imagine it was blocked by my father for a code, but Andy had shown me a trick to reveal the passwords and I used it, and din, din the channel was seen, and the first thing I saw was two women touching their breasts and although I had never liked women this time, that scene started to turn me on and to get wet and hot.

I was rubbing my breasts, when the bell rang and as you can imagine it was Andy, I went to open it and said: What happened, he said yes and we both went in, we started with our usual chat, but I could not help remembering scenes I had seen and without realizing I started to get excited again and I guess Andy realized that with a sarcastic tone he said: what's the matter? and then I was very hot ...

So I did not think twice, I hugged Andy and when I least expected him I gave him a kiss on the mouth, to which he responded with the same passionate kiss, full of fever and so I felt like our tongues were intertwining and turning hotter, my breasts got hard and my vagina started to get wet ...

We climbed the stairs and came to my bedroom, he took my skirt, panties and began to touch my vagina with his hands, which had never done with me, then slowly slid his mouth into my vagina and began to run his tongue through it , that excited me too much and I started to get more and more wet, until unexpectedly after a while a type of electricity went through my whole body, I was living my first orgasm with my best friend.

I got up, I released his shirt and took it off, I began to kiss his firm abdomen, I went down to the pants, I released his cock from the boxer barrier and I started to suck it, I did not know how to do it, but he guided me and told me I did it very well, I saw that it was huge and very hard.

Suddenly he caressed my ass with his hands and put me in bed, kissed my pussy for a while and unexpectedly pushed my big cock in my vagina ...

I got only the tip of that big piece of meat and I just felt some pain, but he started rubbing my clitoris with his hand and the pain left quickly, and that pain turned into pleasure ...

Pleasure and more pleasure, until I reached the point where I asked him to put it in full and he did it.

I moved like crazy and he got and pulled his cock at a faster and faster pace until the pleasure flooded my body and I came, but he went on and so I experienced three more orgasms until he came inside me.

We dropped on the bed and kissed deeply, then with a soft voice he said in my ear you're great, I never told you, but I've always loved you in silence, dressed, left my room and left my home…

I dressed myself and washed the sheets on the bed which now had blood from the rupture of the hymen.

When my parents arrived everything was as normal as ever and until now no one knew what happened between Andy me, but I hope that when they read it they like it, since he gave me the best experience of my life by taking away my virginity.

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